Peter James Dean

Hello as you can see from above my name is Peter James Dean i am 37 years old and live in Barcelona Spain.

Over my adult life i have had some experiences to say the least. Some time in the future i might tell you about them in more details, but for now lets see where i am now and what i’m doing.

I,m Currently a free lance web developer mainly  within WordPress, Now my own sites i should really put some more effort into but with my clients constantly wanting changes here and there or new sites for there ideas.

below will be more of a list of work ive done rather than me showcasing of 1 website specialy built over years like everyone else to show off,

i feel that but doing so you can see whats actually real and present.

Ive also got loads the develpoment aswell with POS and managing stock via multi platforms with different outpost that inclued delivery service and ever drop shipping for that next ease of access 

Over the next 6 months all of this plus much more will be getting grouped together to form a supper shop platform that will be available for sale. please feel free to get in contact with any questions regarding furture development or for me to work on your website.

How it all started and what the next step

It started with Music and its going Finish with Music 

Back when i was 14 as all we started playing around with music and buying records.

for my 17h birthdy we convinced the local bar were we play pool that it was going to be my 18th birthday so they let us do a party (NO ID) so we did and that was it i was hooked seeing all them people dancing and smiling having a amazing time.

so i did partys were ever i could and soon moved into the clubs and with a regular slot.

il come back to all this later but lets skip forward again to the present i’m now planing a festival for the end of 2022 and am collecting together years of knowledge and friends though out the years to come together  for one massive old school style festival with all you can imagine and for all ages camping the works